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Silkie and Showgirl Chickens

Hatching Eggs
Showgirl Silkies
Hatching Eggs

We have hatching eggs available for both breeds pretty much year round. We are not NPIP.
Silkie/Showgirl-$20/8 plus any extras

You can email us at

Payment Policy:
I accept Paypal, Money Gram(through Walmart) and Western Union as payment methods. Payment must be recieved before eggs will ship!!
Shipping Method:
I use USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes. I will pack at least as many eggs as you ordered and will send a few extra ones if my hens lay enough for me to do so. Shipping is $12.

Eggs will be individually wrapped in bubblewrap and cushioned with shredded newspaper.
Additional Shipping Information:
I will ship eggs as close to the beginning of the week as possible so your eggs don't end up sitting at the post office over the weekend.
~I guarantee fresh and fertile eggs. That being said, I cannot guarantee hatch-rate due to circumstances beyone my control once the eggs leave my care such as shipping, incubation method etc.
~I cannot guarantee specific availability dates for my eggs, as I cannot guarantee the laying rate of my hens but I will do my best to fill orders as they are placed. Orders will be filled in the order that they were recieved!
~Please remember that eggs are "time sensitive" and cannot sit around once you get them, they need to be put into an incubator as soon as possible!

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