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All sales are final and I do not give replacements. Once the rabbit is purchased I have no obligation to the rabbit. If it is transported through another person and something happens it is the respondsibility of the transport person. Once it leaves my care I can not be held respondsible for any injury or illness it gets. My rabbits are all healthy at the time of sale but it is your respondsibility as the buyer to look the rabbit over and make sure it is what you want. If something happens to it after the sale and you take it to the vet it is not my respondsibility to pay your vet bills.  I can not predict the future so I can not tell you if a doe will have babies, if the doe will produce winners or if the buck will produce offspring. I sell my rabbits as they are at the time of sale, if sold as Juniors I can not say how they will turn out as seniors.
Bottom line is that once you purchase the rabbit it is yours.

1) All rabbits will come with a tattoo and a pedigree, those items are filled out completely and are not to be changed. (ex.- my rabbits are LLR'S "rabbits name" do not change my breeder name to yours but you can change the rabbits personal name if it is not already registered) If you misplace the pedigree please contact me and I will send you a new one, do NOT reprint my pedigrees with your rabbitry info.
2) Belgians need to have a good height to their cage, it is not my responsibility to make sure you have this prepared before you purchase the animal so please plan ahead before you take one home.
3) No personal checks. Cash or Money Orders only.
4) I have a closed barn policy. This means you can not come in my barn and I can meet you at a show or another location. If you would like to see photos of my set up I am happy to send them to you.
5) I will hold a rabbit but may require a fee depending on the amount of time before the animal is picked up and etc.
6) I do not do breedings for people. If you want my lines, check my for sale page.

7) I have the right to refuse sale for whatever reason.
8) Prices may change as the animal developes.
9)  All rabbits sold on a first come first serve basis.
10) If a rabbit is transported through another person or picked up at a show I am not responsible if it becomes sick as I do not know what it is exposed to at a show and in the care of another person.

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